Savannah St. Patrick's Day Tournament
to Mar 11

Savannah St. Patrick's Day Tournament

This will be the first time the Old Breed rolls their YAT YATs, LARs, and Rigid Raiders up the  Savannah River to participate in this legendary tournament.

Depending on numbers, we'll enter multiple sides in different divisions to ensure our presence is felt.  

More details to follow, but if you're interested, pay now.  Tournament fee goes up to $40 on January 1, so pay now!  Pay HERE

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Wild West Rugby Tournament
8:00 AM08:00

Wild West Rugby Tournament

For you West Coast guys and those that like warmth, we're headed to Scottsdale, AZ for the Wild West Tournament.  

Our division will be 40+.  Looks like we'll get 3 games guaranteed.

The Old Breed needs a positive showing, so get off your asses.

Your tournament fee is $30.  Pay on the website under Tournament Fees

Follow tournament information here:

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